Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Honza Macák, European bluegrass pioneer, passes

The European Bluegrass Blog publishes with deep regret the news that Jan 'Honza' Macák (CZ) died today (12 April 2011). One of the true pioneers of bluegrass music in Europe, he was the founder of Europe's oldest bluegrass festival, the Banjo Jamboree at Čáslav. Petr Brandejs, chairman of the Bluegrass Association of the Czech Republic, reports:

Sad news from the Czech Republic. The founder of the Banjo Jamboree festival, Honza Macák died today at the age of 67. Father of Bluegrass Cwrkot's mandolin player Marek Macák, he suffered from stomach cancer for a few months. He will be missed by the whole Czech bluegrass community, which he influenced heavily, allowing the pickers (and bluegrass friends) to meet and play his beloved music annually for decades. The funeral takes place on Monday 18 April in Jicin, Czech Republic.

I'll miss him.

Lilly Pavlak sends the following photos of Honza Macák from her collection:

With Czech banjo pioneer and IBMA award winner Marko Cermak and Martin Kubec (of Blackjack)

With bandleader Petr Hrubý

Photo: Jan Lžičař