Sunday, 10 April 2011

Eric Stefanelli, banjo maker in Burgundy, France

Thanks to Belgian old-time banjo maestro Gérard De Smaele, who sends news of the French luthier Eric Stefanelli:

Just coming back home from Burgundy, France. I've discovered a very competent French banjo maker. His name is Eric Stefanelli. It should be nice to mention his  website in a future Bluegrass Europe magazine. Eric also collects old cylinders and discs of classic banjo. 

Eric Stefanelli (right) makes several models of banjos, adapted to the requirements of 'classic' banjo music as well as old-time playing. The photo above left shows a detail of his 'Fairbanks Electric No. 5' reproduction. He also builds stringed instruments of the renaissance period (lutes, theorbos, vihuelas, etc.) and plays banjo in the Black Mule Old-Time String Band.