Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bononia Grass becomes 0039

Thanks to Paolo Ercoli of 0039 Bluegrass (formerly known as Bononia Grass) for this news:

Hi everybody,
From 26 March 2011 Bononia Grass is history. The band now has adopted a new name, due to a lot of band members changes, and other 'musical' reasons.

We are starting anew, we are now '0039 Bluegrass Made in Italy'. We were looking for something we (the members of the band) have in common; and as we are for sure all Italian, we chose 0039 (the international country code to call Italy), to represent Italy, in some way, very clearly.
Please check out our new FaceBook page for more information.

Thanks everybody for the wonderful years of Bononia Grass. That was GREAT, and now we are going to do even better! See you soon.

Gianni Stefanini, Mandolin
Paolo Ercoli, Resonator guitar
Luca Bartolini, Guitar
Marco Ferretti, Banjo
Maria Grazia Branca, Double Bass
Bologna - Genova - Milano