Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cherryholmes and G-Runs at Zurich, 11 Mar. 2011

Thanks to Lilly Pavlak for this report and the accompanying photos:

Probably the last European concert of Cherryholmes took place at the Albisgütli Country Music Festival in Zurich. As always there were two special bluegrass nights: Thursday 10 March with the supporting German band Rudiger Helbig & Huckleberry Five, and Friday 11 March with the #1 European Band of the Year 2010, G-Runs 'n Roses [above, on stage]. Both concerts were sold out, but the audience there is pretty loud...

G-Runs 'n Roses with Jere Cherryholmes

I visited the festival Friday night. The performance of G-Runs was great as always and Cherryholmes [below] put on a super show.

The band will break up this May, after ten successful years. Cia [on banjo] celebrated there her birthday and she received a birthday cake.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the end, to catch my last train. So my last picture is of the family clogging: