Thursday, 17 March 2011

Carlton Haney, Blue Grass Pioneer: September 19, 1928 ~ March 16, 2011

Carlton L. Haney has 'gone on'. Carlton Haney passed away in the early afternoon on Wednesday, March 16 at approximately 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

If you read the previous post last week on EBB, you know that he suffered a massive heart attack on March 3rd. His daughter and grandaughter remained at his side to the end.

Carlton Haney helped educate, innovate, preserve and promote Blue Grass music and its history ever since he produced the very first multi-day outdoor festival in Fincastle, Virginia in 1965.

Carlton used two words whenever he wrote 'blue grass'. Fred Bartenstein tells us Bill Monroe named his band the Blue Grass Boys in 1939 using two words. When people began to refer to the style of music as "bluegrass" (one word) in the 1950s, Carlton Haney believed it should be two since it came from Bill Monroe.

Perhaps no other non-professional musician contributed more to the Blue Grass music genre than Carlton Haney. He was a leader in so many ways for country & Blue Grass a promoter, agent, a one-man publicity department, songwriter, educator, preservationist, magazine is a long list.

Although he announced he was "out of the entertainment business" for the past few decades, his work in helping preserve Blue Grass music history continued. Carlton could be seen (and heard) discussing various music related topics and passing along his stories at major events such as the International Bluegrass Music Association 'World of Bluegrass' annual events. Mr. Haney was never at a loss for words! He was inducted into the IBMA Bluegrass Hall of Honor in 1998 [since renamed the "Bluegrass Hall of Fame".]

For further details about the life and accomplishments of Carlton Haney, please go to the International Bg Music Museum website: Carlton L. Haney Biography

For historic video, see the following YouTube segments:
Carlton Haney, Lester Flatt and Mac Wiseman at Renfro Valley Bluegrass Festival in 1971

The very first 3-day Blue Grass Festival at Fincastle, Virginia 1965