Thursday, 10 March 2011

AirPlay Direct

Thanks to bandleader, recording artist, and broadcaster Niall Toner (IRL) and to Angelika Torrie (chairperson of the EBMA and new alumna of the IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass 2011) for more information on the AirPlay Direct service, mentioned yesterday on the EBB. Niall reports:

APD is a service which is open to bands, promoters, and managers, who use the service to have their products/artists/CDs distributed to radio stations around the world. To avail of the service on the receiving end, radio stations have to become 'members'. They can then download broadcast-quality digital tracks and whole albums for use to the general public through their broadcasts.

Angelika points out that this enables bands and their agents to send out their music for airplay without the expense of postage for CDs. For US$50.00 a year, a band can have up to fifteen songs made available for airplay to an approved list of radio presenters (; and, as yesterday's post on the Niall Toner Band shows, the service also enables a band to have an online press kit.