Monday, 24 January 2011

Switzerland, the 5-String and TinkaBelle

TinkaBelle is a promising new singer in the Swiss music scene. She was at the right place at the right time and was discovered by major label Warner Music, who incidentally just then reopened their offices in Switzerland and were looking for something suitable to start with…. A contract was immediately signed for four countries (CH, D, A, PL) and in addition the 29 year old was invited to record a duet with smooche singer Seal. She describes her music as country music influenced pop, and people seem to like it, „The Man I Need“ is heard on the radio every now and then each day lately.
With a first CD featuring some banjo sounds and surprised by the success, TinkaBelle searched for a banjo player to join the backup band for the promotion tour starting in November 2010 – and they found Andreas Kaeppeli, the talented Sunny Mountain Grass banjo player. One of the first „big“ performances was at a very popular Thursday late night show, where Tanja was interviewed and they played a short version of her first release song „The Man I Need“ (check out the link: the musical part begins at 8:57).
Currently on promo tour – with 30 short gigs in Switzerland in January – Andreas is doing great PR for bluegrass banjo and our music and we’re really proud of him! Check out TinkaBelle on Facebook for some great pictures with a 5-string! And here’s some more music: „The Man I Need“ and „Hold On“.
Good luck to TinkaBelle and banjo picker Andreas Kaeppeli – you can see him with Sunny Mountain Grass on 13 May as opening act of the 9th Int. Bluegrass Festival in Buehl and prospectively at some of the long running Swiss Bluegrass Festivals (check out band schedule for more).