Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New CD from the Barcelona Bluegrass Band

Thanks to Lluís Gómez for the news that the Barcelona Bluegrass Band's new CD, Old time blues, will be released in April 2011. It shows the band's mastery of musical genres including bluegrass, blues, Irish, and manouche, with original tunes and two twin banjo tunes with banjo master Tony Trischka! More info and some mp3 samples can be found at the website.

Track listing:
1-Old time blues (Gómez)
2-Manga el Banjo (Gómez)
3-Malvado Rocker (Gómez)
4-Remington ride (Herb Remington)
5-Music for a found harmonium (Simon Jeffes)
6-Wabash Cannonball (Trad. Arr. Gomez/Moya)
7-Picatoste (Gómez)
8-Magic foot (Russ Barenberg)
9-Mercy, mercy, mercy (Joe Zawinul)
10-Trio! (Gómez)
11-Tree O House (Gómez)

The BBB: Lluís Gómez (5-string banjo), Joan Pau Cumellas (harmonica), Miguel Talavera (guitar/ mandolin 8; dobro 1), Maribel Rivero (upright bass)

Guests: Albert Bello (guitar 6), Josep Traver (guitar 4, 6, 8, 11), Valentín Moya (guitar 6), Oriol Saña (violin), Tony Trischka (5-string banjo 2, 10)