Monday, 3 January 2011

Mandolin giveaway to mark the launch of Mando Hangout

Thanks to Eric Schlange, Mando Hangout webmaster, for this press release:

The Mando Hangout is a new online community for mandolin players, powered by the same tools used by the popular Banjo, Fiddle, Reso, and Flatpicker Hangouts. Officially launching on 3 January 2011, the site is already active with several hundred members participating.

'With Hangouts set up for banjo, fiddle, dobro, and guitar players, it just made sense to build one for mandolin players as well', says owner Eric Schlange. 'After having many mandolin players request a Hangout of their own I realised there's a sizeable group of mandolin players who want to be part of an online community with features and tools like the Hangouts offer.'

The Mando Hangout includes a discussion forum, live chatroom, video and MP3 archive, member blogs and photo albums, classified ads, reviews, and more.

Schlange continues: 'The Hangout sites are powered by the members - I just try to give them the tools to interact. We're now averaging over 40,000 visits per day and eight million page views per month on the Hangouts, and I think that's a wonderful testament to how much the acoustic music community loves to interact, learn, and help further the music we all love.'

To commemorate the launch, First Quality Musical Supplies has donated a Michael Kelly Legacy FS mandolin to be given away in a month-long drawing. Visitors can enter the drawing once a day for the duration of the drawing by following the links from the Mando Hangout homepage.