Saturday, 1 January 2011

International Bluegrass

The January 2011 issue of the IBMA's newsletter International Bluegrass has an augmented section of European news, including many items selected from the European Bluegrass Blog and special announcements from the EBMA board of directors on the future of Bluegrass Europe, the new EBMA affiliate membership structure, and the development of a European Festival Network.

Major features in this issue include the lead article on Bluegrass Nation, IBMA’s first-ever initiative to harness the power of digital media and social networking. Fully integrated into a comprehensive redesign of IBMA’s web site, Bluegrass Nation will be a community and a platform for news, information sharing, promotion, education, and all kinds of media.

Among many other items, Nick Barr & Nancy Cardwell explore the question 'How will you celebrate the Bill Monroe centennial?'. View the whole issue here, where the newsletter can also be downloaded in PDF format.