Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Success of Bluegrass Jamboree! 2010

Artists and promoter celebrate a successful tour

Thanks to Rainer Zellner, organiser of the Bluegrass Jamboree!, who reports on this year's tour (3-18 Dec. 2010):

The festival tour was a success: we had many large reviews in important magazines, very enthusiastic crowds everywhere. Radio WDR will cover the event in a 1:40 broadcast on 30 January, starting 16:05.

Flamekeeper trio: Jesse Brock, Jessie Baker, Tom Adams

The ticket sales in some places could have been much better, but we ran into snow and ice hazards almost everywhere we went. Everybody on the bus enjoyed the tour very much; it was great fun for all, and maybe some of the photos on Flickr or our own blog on the Jamboree website [some of which illustrate this post] show a bit of that.

I hope we can stretch out to some other European countries along the border to Germany in 2011. The show in CZ-Praha was a huge success, and we work on Austria already.

Fans at the CD stand at Prague