Thursday, 2 December 2010

Prescription Bluegrass - and other news media

Thanks to Brian McNeal of Prescription Bluegrass Radio in Kingman, AZ, for the news that the show also runs the Prescription Bluegrass blog, and has added a link to the European Bluegrass Blog, among other bluegrass blogs of note.

For other broadcasters: Brian's e-mail includes the end note: 'Get Prescription Bluegrass delivered to your Radio Station - Contact Audio Tracks Broadcasting Services today!' And Brian adds:

I recently started a new group on just for bluegrass disc jockeys because there wasn't any other association specifically for us that I could find. The group is: The Association of Bluegrass Disc Jockeys. If you have any friends or readers of your blog who may be bluegrass disc jockeys - either full- or part-time - we'd welcome them into the group...

Another source of bluegrass news on the internet is Bluegrass Matters, which presents headlines and short tasters of news items already published in other internet sources (including the European Bluegrass Blog) with links to the full original texts, without adding editorial content.