Sunday, 5 December 2010

Martin guitar giveaway on Niall Toner radio show

Singer, songwriter, bandleader, broadcaster, and Irish bluegrass pioneer Niall Toner reports that the new series of his 'Roots Freeway' radio show, broadcast on the Irish national radio station, will run till the end of February 2011 - and a Martin acoustic guitar [left] will be given away as a prize in a competition, thanks to sponsorship by Perfect Pitch Music, Exchequer St., Dublin, and the Martin Guitar Company.

Previous competition prizes on the show have included Gibson guitars and Clareen banjos. Details will be announced on the RTE Radio One website. Niall adds:

'Roots Freeway' always includes some bluegrass, as well as information about live gigs by touring and domestic acts... I should also add that the Irish content of the show is being actively increased, hopefully to around 45% of the total playlist, and this of course includes singer-songwriters, string bands, blues players, etc, etc.

Niall also announces further additions and improvements to the Niall Toner Band website, including a blog and a facility for buying single tracks from NTB records on iTunes. The band will release a new album in 2011 to coincide with the centenary of Bill Monroe.