Thursday, 16 December 2010

CMS Productions news, December 2010

Cor and Margaret Sanne of CMS Productions (NL) (seen left with Johnny Cash in 1994) report:

We herewith have the pleasure to inform you that we have updated our website. We are proud of the result and invite you to take a look at the various pages. Go to and enjoy yourself. Our gallery is far from complete so we'll add new pictures in the months to come. The English (google translation) in this gallery will be corrected into perfect English in the next few days!

We'll be doing many European gigs with Billy Yates in 2011 along with his band Savannah. New are the Parking Lot Pickers. A truly fine band playing pure and honest country music with a happy touch. Great guys and great music. Very affordable too!

Billy Yates is currently recording a new CD to be out in 2011. Even more country than he's ever been before. He is also using upright bass now. And lots of steel guitar as well.

Don't forget to click on the homepage 'star'. It contains a special Christmas card for you all. It's gorgeous and made with unlimited love for our hometown, being Nieuwkoop in the Netherlands.

Needless to say we hope to continue our relationship with you. For now we wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2011 in private and in business.