Monday, 8 November 2010

News from Denmark

Spencer Sorenson sends greetings from Bluegrass Music Denmark:

The next event on our programme is our Bluegrass Night, 26 November, when we will have three bands performing to round out our concert year. Rocks & Ivy [above] are coming up from the Netherlands/Belgium, and the No Hard Times Bluegrass Band coming over the bridge from Sweden. A prominent event will be the presentation of board member Stefan Colind's new Strings alive project, with the help of several top musicians: Thomas Haglund and Magnus Edring from Sweden, and a homecoming of Jesper Rübner Petersen. Stefan's CD features 14 original instrumental numbers all written by him, and we are all looking forward to its release. We will also be happy to see Jesper, who is coming up from Germany, where he his now living. His recent book The mandolin picker's guide to bluegrass improvisation was published by Mel Bay earlier this year, and has received some very good comments.

This year's concert series has been quite successful, and we have had a steady and faithful audience, who really enjoy and concentrate on the music. Planning is under way for next season's concert series. It is not all arranged yet, but we look forward to seeing Special Consensus (USA) in May. They always give a great show.