Monday, 1 November 2010

New banjo instruction book in Spanish

Thanks to Lluís Gómez in Barcelona, who reports:

Right now you can learn banjo in Spanish!!! Sí, sí, mis amigos, learn banjo in Spanish and play faster, je, je... It is a book in the styles of three-finger picking and frailing, I co-wrote with my friend Toni Giménez; hope you like it!

The new Manual de iniciación al banjo de cinco cuerdas ('Manual for beginning the 5-string banjo') can be obtained by contacting Lluís through his website. He and Toni Giménez will both be taking part in the Al Ras festival this coming weekend. Meanwhile, the new book has been warmly welcomed by leading banjo-players:

When I first came to Spain, perhaps fifteen years ago, there was almost no bluegrass banjo playing going on. Now, with Lluís and some of his friends, there is a blossoming bluegrass scene in Spain. It is wonderful that Lluís has now written a banjo instruction book to help expand this music in his country. Lluís is a tremendous player with his roots in traditional bluegrass and his heart in the progressive side of this music. He has done a great service for Spanish musicians (and Spanish-speaking people around the world) by writing this book. Thanks Lluís! (Tony Trischka)

The banjo is a true world music instrument. Hats off to Toni Giménez for making it accessible for Spanish speaking people to play this amazing instrument. (Cathy Fink)

With the publication of this book, the banjo may be about to conquer Spain. There is no one better than Lluís Gómez to take you through the paces of 3-finger style banjo picking and no better way to bring the exciting sounds of bluegrass into your living room. (Alison Brown)

I am glad to see this banjo method written in Spanish. Since Banjo Paris Session has been released, banjo playing has increased in Spain. Lluís Gómez and Toni Giménez are considered as some of Spanish banjo leaders. Lluís is part of the young blood of international banjo players. He has achieved a high technique, and he still has his word to say. We are so lucky to have such high-level musicians in this part of Europe. Since they wrote a banjo instruction, banjo music should have a bright future ahead in Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries. (Jean Marie Redon)

I think it's great that a player would be so passionate about his instrument and this internationally shared music that he would go the extra mile to share it with his countrymen and Spanish speakers around the world. You and I share the same desire to see the world united in bluegrass and acoustic music! (Tom Nechville)