Saturday, 30 October 2010

London Old-Time & Bluegrass Week, 5-11 May 2011

Following the news that appeared on the EBB on 21 September 2010, Rick Townend announces:

London Old-Time and Bluegrass Music Week 2011 will be from Thursday 5 to Wednesday 11 May. Events will take place all over Greater London, and will include concerts, music clubs, restaurants and bars, barn-dances, jam sessions, Sacred Harp shape-note singing, Appalachian clogging displays, workshops etc. Most of London’s great bands and artistes will be performing – see details of all the events here.

Any bluegrass or old-time performers wishing to appear should contact me by e-mail for a list of venues to approach. Visitors to London during the week will be able to find an up-to-date programme on the website, and printed schedules will be available shortly beforehand.