Friday, 15 October 2010

Bluegrass on the Country Web Bulletin

Thanks to the 14 October 2010 issue of the Country France e-newsletter for the news that bluegrass receives several mentions in the current issue of the French-language Country Web Bulletin.

The 37 pages of this issue can be read online or printed. The three-and-a-half-page feature by Alain Sanders on this year's Festival de Musique Country Rendez-Vous de Craponne sur Arzon reports with approval the performances by the Grascals and by Dale Ann Bradley, Steve Gulley, and the Fox Family.

Another item, 'L’histoire du Goree All Girl String Band', by Gérard Vieules, tells the story (with picture) of the eight inmates at a Texas prison in the 1940s who formed a string band, but finished their sentences without recording. A film about them is said to be in preparation, starring Jennifer Aniston.

The Bulletin's table of contents also includes 'La Roche Bluegrass Festival', by Eric 'Cactus' Coste.