Sunday, 5 September 2010

Summer and fall 2010 in Denmark

Spencer Sorenson of Bluegrass Music Denmark reports:

We had a successful concert series this spring, with Kathy Kallick from the USA highlighting the series. Kathy & Co. played a couple of concerts here and were a big success. It was good to have her back here again. We also had a find concert from the Danish trio Blue Dolls [above], who have got three-part harmonies down to a 'T'. Grassride from Sweden was here as well, and we closed out the season with a split Danish concert with Special Blend and Copenhagen Mountain Boys.

Fall plans are completed, and we look forward to Julie & the New Favourites from Norway, the first Norwegian band to perform for us. We had the pleasure of having Magnus Wiik from this band in Copenhagen this spring, and frequently sitting in on local jam sessions. Magnus was studing at the rhythmic conservatory here, and plays bluegrass and jazz on about any instrument with strings!

Blackjack from the Czech Republic is scheduled to pay us a vist, and for our season ending bluegrass night we look forward to Rocks and Ivy from Holland/Belgium, and seeing our friend Jeroen Jongsma again. Jeroen was so kind as to provide lodging for Arne Sørensen and myself during the EWOB Festival this year. A bit more comfortable than tents on the campground!

We also look forward to the presentation of a CD of original instrumental music by one of our board members, Stefan Colind. He has put a large effort into this project, and has arranged to have some fine musicians help him out on its bluegrass night premier.

We look forward to an exciting fall concert season.