Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pete Wernick announces new network of certified bluegrass music teachers

Renowned banjo player and bluegrass music teacher Pete 'Dr Banjo' Wernick has launched the Wernick Bluegrass Learning Network, an international group of teachers trained and certified in his methods of equipping closet players to participate in bluegrass jam sessions. Pete says:

Every student who picks up an instrument aspires not just to be a ‘really good closet player’, but to play music with other people, and be able to play in real bluegrass jam sessions. But very little music instruction teaches the interactive skills needed for group music-making. Those who are brave enough to show up at a jam often find themselves embarrassed and frustrated because they aren’t properly prepared to join in.

After many years of teaching and experimenting, Wernick discovered that he could teach any student to jam quickly by doing it in the context of a jam group - and that the joy of jamming in turn motivated a student to make steady progress on his or her instrument. Those attending one of his jam classes are jamming on the first day, and by the end of the program they are fully able to jam on their own - and eager to do so.

After being told by many jam students how the experience had changed their lives for the better, Pete decided to make his techniques more widely available for other teachers to join in his efforts to convert closet players into jammers. The Wernick Bluegrass Learning Network will train teachers in Pete’s unique approach, certify them to teach Wernick Method jam classes, provide them with course materials, and create customized advertising for their courses, including listing on Pete’s extensive website.

Bluegrass teachers who want to learn more about the Wernick Bluegrass Learning Network and how the certification process works can visit the home page and click on the Teachers button.