Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bluegrass past and future: Switzerland 2010

Kent Miller of the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association (SBMA) reports:

The festival season is winding down in Switzerland. Even though the weather did not cooperate every weekend, all of the festivals were successful and enjoyable. Even the so-called newer festivals are now into double digits, and there are more and more western and country nights that often have one of the good Swiss bluegrass bands in the line-up. These types of things and jams with local audiences compensate for a certain lack of regular concert opportunities for Swiss bands. Claire Lynch and band were here. Everyone enjoyed their shows and their enthusiasm.

We are looking forward to our little Fan Fest on 13 Nov. It would be fun to have visitors from neighboring countries (or afar) come and play at the open mic or jam. There are good door prizes, too. Michael Cleveland will be in many places in Dec., including Schaffhausen in Switzerland. Rüdiger Helbig & Huckleberry Five will be here for a workshop and concerts in late Oct. They will also play at the big indoor festival near Zurich called 'Old Time Country 2010'. There are other things being planned that have not yet been officially announced.

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