Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Wortmann Brothers: 'Alien morning'

Thanks to Frank and Ulrich Wortmann, active members of the EBMA, who send a link to their Youtube video 'Alien morning', with this preface:

The Wortmann Brothers may have come to your notice as visitors to various EBMA events, notably the EWOB, not as a band. This may result from the fact that they are not a band, but rather two brothers which try their hands on genre-typical instruments.

But in a way, they could be a whole band, as they found out putting to use some timely means of recording, that have popped up lately in their households. The results may be far from excellent, but they show what goes around in the minds of mid-aged bluegrass-lovers from the German province.

This is the video's current address. Hope you like (some aspects of) it!