Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What was Russia like?

The Jamboree stage in front of the Kremlin, Vologda (original photo by Robert Palomo, jr)

On 1 June 2010 the EBB published news that Pete & Joan Wernick (USA) would be performing and teaching bluegrass in Russia during July, including taking part in the first ever Russian-American Bluegrass Jamboree.

You can now read full reports of their trip in this newsletter and on the Dr Banjo website, with links to video reports from the US consulate; features from the first English-language Russian bluegrass publication, the Bluegrass Bugle; and many photos by Robert Palomo, jr, who played bass with Pete and Joan at their shows and presentations. As Pete Wernick announced to his Russian audiences:

I am honored and especially happy to be part of a bridging of the gap between our people because of my own history. My grand- parents all fled Russia about 100 years ago, and growing up in the 1950s, I was taught to fear Russians. I like it so much better when we can reach out and be friends and share what we can.