Tuesday, 3 August 2010

La Roche Bluegrass Festival Contest winners

Christopher Howard-Williams reports:

The quality of the bands in and out of competition at La Roche (F) was once again of the highest order. 9 bands were pre-selected to play in the final at the festival. They were : Blackjack (Cz), Bononia Grass (I), Covered Grass (D), Dessert (Cz), G-runs n Roses (Cz), Poa Pratensis (H), Quartier Français (F), Sidlo (Sk), Wyrton (Cz).
The bands were judged according to seven criteria by 10 judges from France, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and UK.
At the end of voting, the highest and lowest scores were taken off for each criteria leaving a possible total of 560 points.

The final result was:

1) G-runs N Roses (498.5 pts)

2) Blackjack (493)

3) Dessert (442,5)

(Photos courtesy of Lilly Pavlak)