Monday, 16 August 2010

G2 at Bluegrass Legends Concerts, 21 Aug. 2010

Chip and Mike of Bluegrass Legends Concerts at Evanston, Illinois, in the greater Chicago area, announce:

Take the heat off this Saturday with cool bluegrass & lingonberries from the land of the midnight sun! Bluegrass Legends is very proud to present G2 of Sweden... And we're providing the lingonberries! This Saturday, 21 Aug., in the air-conditioned comfort of the American Legion Hall in Evanston. Doors open at 7.00, music at 8.00 p.m.

What? Swedish bluegrass???

After WWII, magic happened when Armed Forces Radio broadcasts of American country and bluegrass music hit eardrums of Swedish fiddlers. Suddenly, spelman fiddlers of Sweden were energized with the mountain sounds of Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, and others. As Sweden already had an established folkmusik festival scene, traditional Swedish folkies found themselves succumbing to alien tempos, mountain scales, and bluesy harmonies. In the early 1960s, the jammers at folkmusik festivals splintered into new factions and the first generation of Swedish bluegrass pickers was born.

Each member of the band has a father or uncle that plays bluegrass, thus making them the second generation of Swedish bluegrass musicians. Please welcome our international guests to the stage once again for their encore visit to Chitown! Christoffer Olsson, Jens Koch, Erik Igelström, Tobias Strömberg, and Little Jimmy Sunnebrandt. They are the most exciting bluegrass band ever to come out of Europe.

More than well rooted in bluegrass and lingonberries, G2 proudly presents absolute bluegrass from the land of the Midnight Sun, lingonberries, and lutefisk. 100% real bluegrass music, med Svensk smor. There could not be a better venue than the American Legion Hall in Evanston.