Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The future of Bluegrass Europe

The latest issue of the magazine (see the post immediately below) includes this major item of EBMA news:

BLUEGRASS EUROPE magazine to be continued:

At their recent meeting (by conference call) the EBMA board members agreed that the EBMA shall continue to publish BLUEGRASS EUROPE as a standalone magazine from BE #79 (April 2011) onwards. Opportunities and challenges as well as input by people assisting the board in various ways, namely Richard Hawkins (editor of European Bluegrass Blog), John Wirtz (chair of IBMA's International Committee) and last but not least Paolo Dettwiler himself, the current editor of BLUEGRASS EUROPE. Chris Keenan, newly elected board member, undertook to set up a draft with conceptual and practical aspects of producing the magazine. A trial period of one year was defined to make any adjustments in 2012.

A core challenge is now to set up a competent editorial team to make BLUEGRASS EUROPE a magazine attractive also across the existing scene. Any input or offer for contribution is most welcome at EBMA administration.

EBB editor's note: Bold type has been added to the last paragraph in view of its importance, and a minor change of wording has been made.