Thursday, 1 July 2010

France Bluegrass Musique Association news

Christopher Howard-Williams reports:

At the FBMA annual general assembly, Jeff Tronelle was elected to be the new chairman as of 1 October 2010. Jeff plays bass and has been involved in many bands including the long-lasting Cactus Pickers. He also organises the FBMA winter weekend in Vichy every year. The photo shows Jeff (right) with outgoing chairman Christopher Howard-Williams.

Christian Labonne (Tennessee Stud) was elected to be vice chairman and he will focus particular attention on giving the website a much-needed facelift. Christophe Constantin and Valerie Morin were relected to their posts of secretary and treasurer, respectively.

Over 40 people turned up for the FBMA spring weekend in Brittany, and the annual Grange Rouge meet attracted another thirty musicians, with eight bands performing in the Bluegrass tent. Both of these events are open to non-French and non-members of FBMA.

The next big meet will be at Craponne Country Rendezvous in the centre of France (23-25 July; the bluegrass community takes over a large section of the campsite), where the Bluebillies (Bradley, Gulley, Fox), the Quebe Sisters, and the Grascals will play, followed one week later by La Roche Bluegrass Festival, where 31 bands will play from 12 different countries. Headline acts this year are the Bluebillies, the Hickory Project, Red Dog Seattle, Red Wine, and Kreni (last year's contest winners). For more see the La Roche Festival website.

We are organising a workshop between Craponne and La Roche, in La Roche, led by Anthony Hannigan and taught by the other members of Hickory Project. We are hoping to make this a long term partnership with THP. There are still places if you wish to attend; see the La Roche website.