Monday, 12 July 2010

Bluegrass summer in the Czech Republic

Petr Brandejs reports on a busy bluegrass festival season in the Czech Republic:

Along with two major bluegrass festivals - Banjo Jamboree in Čáslav and Jamboree in Strakonice - there are bluegrass festivals every weekend all summer; sometimes even more than one at a weekend. Some of them are big, some of them modest, somewhere bluegrass music is mixed with singer-songwriters or acoustic music, but still a lot of chances for the bands to play.

Thanks to David Nemecek's agency there was a short tour of bass-player Victor Krauss (Alison's brother) with his band. Not bluegrass at all, but interesting blend of acoustic music of all kinds, enjoyed by the audience especially in club-like venues.

The legendary Czech band Druha Trava returns to America in late September for a five-week tour that begins in Texas and goes on to New Mexico, California, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa, before ending in Chicago on 30 October.

15th Petr Brandejs Band workshop is going to take place on 15-17 October in Male Svatonovice, Czech Republic. For more info, e-mail.