Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bluegrass internet radio show in Switzerland

Kent Miller of the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association (SBMA) writes:

I just want to slip in a reminder that we have a Bluegrass Show on Internet Radio in Switzerland (see below) and that we would be happy to play your music and promote your concerts, festivals, music, record companies, and bands. Obviously, we need the information and the music. Many Swiss like to go other places to find the music. We can play whatever we get within the old-time, bluegrass genres, if the quality is at least OK. MP3s per e-mail are fine. Regular mail, too (see below). Radio spots that you already have could be integrated into a show. If you send us tickets and promotional CDs to give away on the air or otherwise, we would sure appreciate that.

I just thought I would make a few of these reminders over the next few months because I think we could do more with European music but we haven't been getting material regularly (from winning bands at the EWOB festivals, for example), so thanks for putting us on your promotional lists and passing the word on to the rest of your bluegrass communities.

Happy 4th of July! Alas, without baseball, but at least the hot dogs are often better in Europe.

Bluegrass Radio Show: 19:00 Sundays, 15:00 Mondays
Country Radio Switzerland (CRS)