Thursday, 22 July 2010

All Bells & Whistles en route to Guildtown

Peter O. Ruby of All Bells & Whistles (CZ) writes:

Hello friends,

We are preparing the fine details of our trip to Guildtown's bluegrass festival in Scotland. This time we will travel by car, taking off a bit earlier, on Wednesday morning, so we might be in the UK or Holland in the same evening, 28 July.

We are curious which way is more interesting (both from the tourist and musician's point of view), if through Manchester or closer to the eastern seashore (passing through Scarborough). Also, would you know of any club/pub/place they might want to hear us on Wednesday or Thursday night, which would not be far from our route?

Our route allows us to perform even in the southern Netherlands or Belgium for Wednesday evening.

It would certainly be a cream on the cake of our trip (although we shall sorely miss EWOB at La Roche-sur-Foron) if we could meet you and have some serious fun together. If there is no show available, we would be happy just to join your barbie or something to that extent. :-D

If you have any suggestions, contact Peter by e-mail.