Thursday, 17 June 2010

Willem Ruiter's bluegrass website - updated

On 29 January 2009 the European Bluegrass Blog carried news of a website built and maintained by Willem Ruiter from Voorthuizen, the Netherlands - world-famous as the location for the annual European World of Bluegrass Festival.

Already a valuable and comprehensive source of bluegrass information eighteen months ago, the website has been updated and expanded. It gives links to the websites of bluegrass bands in Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia, and of bluegrass magazines and media, associations, record suppliers, instrument makers, and other sites of bluegrass interest. It is also now interactive, with a guestbook and a poll, where the visitor can show his or her role in bluegrass music - whether as member of a bluegrass association, member of a bluegrass band, bluegrass music fan, or other.

Willem's website, with its wealth of information, is well worth visiting and bookmarking. Thanks to Helmut Schumacher for drawing our attention to its expansion and updating.