Sunday, 13 June 2010

Southern Tenant Folk Union's 3rd album, The new farming scene, now out on Johnny Rock Records

Thanks to Pat McGarvey of Southern Tenant Folk Union (now based in Edinburgh, Scotland) for the news that the band's third album, The new farming scene, was released on 7 June 2010 on the Scottish label Johnny Rock Records as JOROCK 011. Distributed by Forte Music and available at iTunes/, it comprises ten tracks of original material and one traditional Scots ballad, 'South Ythsie', which can be heard on the band's website.

Southern Tenant Folk Union have used this album to bring out the talent of their new members, most of whom come from the Scottish folk-music tradition, and to blend that tradition with the sound of bluegrass and old-time music. The original songs, with their 'post-apocalyptic lyrical tone', give a stark, soulful, and spirited vision of a post-technological agrarian future:

'Surrounded by barbed wire, machine gun nests, our forty acres of scratch is the best...'

Quotes from reviews: 'A bold concept piece' (Andy Gill, The Independent ****)
'Refreshing as warm spring rain' (Maurice Hope, Americana-UK)
'These songs are timeless, but fresh and new. Long may the Union continue' (James Walsh, Morning Star)
'A smart conflation of Celtic tradition and bluegrass, played with rare intuition' (Rob Hughes, Uncut Magazine)

For more information, see the Southern Tenant Folk Union website.