Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Matching Ties & Paul Stowe on tour, summer 2010

Paul Stowe sends the current Matching Ties tour schedule, and reports:

This summer is a bit quieter than previous summers, with most concerts and festival dates in Germany, but staying closer to home for a while is OK too. In addition to lots of duo shows with Trevor Morris, we’ll do a lot of trio to sextet shows with an ever-increasing selection of MT members: Georg Bähr on the fiddle, Thomas Kärner on the bass, Colm O’Tuama on Irish flute, tin whistles, and - new in the band - our doctor friend and really nice guy Konrad Stock on bodhrán (Irish drum), Scottish Highland and Irish Uilleann bagpipes.

All our concerts are important, but here are some of the upcoming highlights:

This coming weekend!: Fri. 18-Sun. 20 June 2010 Greenfarm Festival, one of the biggest Irish/Celtic folk festivals in Europe. Matching Ties appear as a duo and with Friends.

Fri. 16 July
85410 Haag an der Amper (Kreis Freising), Irish Bayrisch Open-Air, Badeweiher Haag (in the Theatersaal of the Grundschule if the weather is bad) 19:00- 23:00? Matching Ties Quartet and Geigenwerck

Fri. 23 July 86609 Donauwörth, Irish Folk Night-Open Air (bei der Schwäbischwerder Kindertage), Heilig-Kreuz-Garten, Matching Ties Sextet

Sat. 24 July Munich, Alter Hof, Weinfest, 15:00-21:30. Matching Ties Quintet

Thurs. 5 Aug. 85567 Taglaching (Gmde Bruck, Kr. Ebersberg), Wirtshaus, Matching Ties Duo, Biergarten, 20:00. Tel. 08092-336138 ‎

Sat. 14 Aug. 83352 Altenmarkt, Kloster Baumburg, Matching Ties Duo + John Barden & Band (IRL)

Fri. 3-Sat. 4 Sept. 89423 Gundelfingen-Birkenried, Kulturgewächshaus, Bluegrass Meeting, Fri. Matching Ties Duo, Sat. Matching Ties Quartet + Kim Carson Band, Night Run, Greyfox

For more details and dates in autumn 2010 and beyond, see the Matching Ties website.