Monday, 28 June 2010

Giant Mountain's Band win Banjo Jamboree title

Petr Brandejs reports from the Czech Republic:

New winner of the Banjo Jamboree contest was voted on Saturday morning of this oldest (38th this year) European bluegrass festival Banjo Jamboree in Caslav, Czech Republic. It's a fine traditional bluegrass band called the Giant Mountain's Band [above; photo: Lilly Pavlak]. They won a Senheiser microphone and a free membership of the EBMA for one year and are invited to play the Banjo Jamboree 2011.

There were four bands competing and twenty-five more bands playing, and among the highlights there was the banjo legend and IBMA Award winner Marko Cermak, Lonesome Mountaineers from Sweden, and Sue Thompson from Seattle with the Brandejs Band.