Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bluegrass and chili go together

Thanks to Paolo Dettwiler, who forwards this news to illustrate the ways in which bluegrass music can be brought to wider audiences.

Mountain Heart, an A-list US bluegrass band, will be the next Vietti Vinyl Artist, as part of a marketing initiative developed several years ago by the Nashville-based company Choice Food of America. In a special branding relationship similar to that which Flatt & Scruggs and other bluegrass bands have had with Martha White Flour, the company joins with outstanding Nashville-based music acts to promote both their all-natural Vietti Chili and the artists.

Thus, Mountain Heart will receive publicity on grocery store shelves over a vast retail network, as well as in music shops. Tens of thousands of cans of chili will display a full color photo and bio of the band and a link to their website. The band and their music will also be on this Vietti Vinyl website link.

Leadership Artists, Mountain Heart’s management company, is now working with Choice Foods on a schedule of live appearances for the band, who have already shown their ability to reach out to wider audiences. Vietti Chili has been made in Nashville, TN, since 1898 and distributed through major grocery chains and independent grocery stores throughout the South-East US. For more information contact

Brian Smith
Leadership Artists, LLC
4507 Windsor Oaks Drive
Marietta, GA 30066

Mountain Heart will be the leading bluegrass act at this year's Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival in Longford, Ireland. Jake Stargel from Georgia, USA, has just become the band's guitarist, replacing Clay Jones, who is leaving Mountain Heart for personal reasons.