Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Uncle Earl - now in Europe!

In their latest e-newsletter, Uncle Earl (USA) report:

Guten Tag, g'Earlfriends!

We've already learned a few important things in our first week in Germany. First, if you need to say 'sugar babe' in German, schnuckiputzi will do the trick. Second, beer does not count as an alcoholic beverage and can be consumed at any time of day or night, so long as it is served in a very tall glass. With this knowledge and an additional twelve words of German between us, Uncle Earl sets forth across Deutschland!

For the German tour (and some May/June dates in the States) we've added a Wild & Wonderful West Virginian named Rachel Eddy [above] on banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass & vocals. We've known Rachel for years, meeting at the Augusta Heritage Center and other various gigs on the east coast. She currently lives and tours in Sweden, and played in Germany for two months last winter with Klangwelten music group. Paula, Stephie, Kristin, & KC are psyched to welcome her into the van.

The dates for the Uncle Earl 'Schnuckiputzi/Beer Pressure Tour 2010' are shown on the European Bluegrass Blog for 29 April. The locations can be seen on a Google Map. The band adds:

Okay, the truth is we have a secret weapon in Germany. Herbert Schildhammer (pictured above) is driving & translating. Last night we played in his home town and ate home made 'culasch mit semeln knodeln'. (I know I spelled that without all the right German letters... sorry!). Herbie is also the proprietor of the Trailer Bar, which opens nightly after the show. Thanks Herbie!


Thanks to Rainer Zellner, the tour organiser, for a ten-minute mix of the first show of the tour, on YouTube.

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