Friday, 28 May 2010

Tony Thomas in Europe, Aug.-Oct. 2010

Thanks to FOAOTMAD for this news:

Tony Thomas will be in the UK from 13 September to 23 September on vacation. He will be in London and in Mistley, around 11 miles (18 km) north-east of Colchester, Essex.

He is an African-American banjoist who helped organise the 2005 Black Banjo Gathering and the recent celebration of it. He is an historian of the five-string banjo and African-American playing of it, with chapters forthcoming in scholarly collections from Duke University Press and University of Illinois Press. He has also given several presentations on banjo history at the annual US banjo collectors gatherings.

He plays old-time African American and European banjo, both down-picking and finger-picking. While banjo playing and performance is NOT the purpose of this trip, he will have his banjo with him and would love to get together with any banjoists or attending any nearby old-time or banjo-collector events.

He will be on the Continent, visiting Sweden and Russia, but based on the Mosel in Germany between 12 August and 18 October. Contact him by e-mail if you want to get together, or know of events he might want to check out.