Friday, 28 May 2010

'Sweden’s got talent 2010': vote for Cold Mountain Band!

Thanks to Anders Sterner of Cold Mountain Band (S), who reports:

The bluegrass group Cold Mountain Band played themselves all the way to the semi-final of TV 4’s 'Sweden’s got talent' ('Talang 2010'). Even though they shone and consider themselves to be winners anyway, Cold Mountain Band weren’t one of the two acts that were chosen to play in the final. Bluegrass music in Sweden receives very little air-time despite the fact that those who discover it are often enthusiastic. Cold Mountain Band have now performed twice in 'Sweden’s got talent', which is sent during prime time viewing (Friday, 8 o’clock) and their ultimate goal has always been to spread bluegrass music in Sweden.

Cold Mountain Band still has a chance to play in the final!

Two more acts will be chosen to play in the final after the semi-finals have been aired. One of the acts will be chosen by the jury and the other via the internet, where the general public will get the chance to vote for their favorite act. The last semi-final will be aired this Friday (28 May) at 8 o’clock local time. Internet voting will start after the show and continue the weekend through. Vote for Cold Mountain Band if you would like to see them in the final. Visit the band's homepage, click on TALANG 2010, and you can see all their performances from the show. When the voting starts a link will also be laid out on the site. Alternatively, navigate to YouTube and watch the excerpts there.