Monday, 10 May 2010

Downtown Ramblers: latest

Hedging their bets: the Downtown Ramblers

The original Bluegrass Blog carries a post today on the Downtown Ramblers (S), the current #1 European Bluegrass Band, who have been chosen to give one of the official showcases at this year's IBMA World of Bluegrass.

In the post, Brance Gillihan explains the awards voting system at the European World of Bluegrass Festival, as well as giving background on the Ramblers and how they came to develop their style of 'nordic urban bluegrass'. On their trip to IBMA World of Bluegrass, the band say: 'We plan to do all we can to represent European bluegrass there.'

The Downtown Ramblers are scheduled to play on the EWOB 2010 stage at 22:30 on this coming Saturday (15 May), just before the presentation of the 2010 awards. Read the full EWOB Festival programme here, and the BB post here.