Friday, 28 May 2010

Czech Bluegrass Spring II: Brno, 7 Apr. 2010

Lilly Pavlak's diary of recent bluegrass highlights in the Czech Republic continues:

The next concert was in my hometown, Brno, on 7 April. I am sure, also this great band is familiar to the most of you: Robert Krestan & Druha Trava. I always loved their music. On that special night the band had to say good-bye to their long years bass player and friend Petr Sury. He is just too busy with different other music projects and will be replaced with a new, young one, named Tomas Liska.

Also this concert was sold out. They had played a lot of their old favorite songs, mostly written by Robert Krestan. Also some from his last recording, Dylanovky - the songs of Bob Dylan, which he translated into Czech. The audience loved also the instrumentals by the banjo player Lubos Malina, who also plays beautifully the Irish pipes. The other members of the band are Emil Formanek (guitar), Lubos Novotny (dobro), and David Lanstof (drums).

Robert Krestan, Petr Sury, Lubos Malina