Thursday, 27 May 2010

Czech Bluegrass Spring I: the Kruger Brothers in Prague, 30 Mar. 2010

This is the first instalment of a report by Lilly Pavlak on a series of bluegrass highlights in the Czech Republic during the spring of 2010. The incredible Kruger Brothers (above) played a concert in Prague on 30 March. Lilly reports:

The event was presented as usual by the banjo-maker Jarda Prucha in a nice concert hall. The Kruger Brothers - Jens, Uwe, and the third 'brother', Joel Lansberg - are now based in North Carolina, and moved there from Switzerland about eight years ago.

They always had a good connection to Czech audiences. On their last European tour they played several sold-out concerts in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the UK. Jens gave some banjo workshops as well. For the first time we had seen the band with a drummer. But he was very discreet and really enriched their music.

The fans came from all over the country and the place was bursting with people. Some, less happy, couldn’t even get in.

A Czech band, the New Section (above) opened the show; they performed mostly original songs with Czech lyrics. Audience loved them, but everybody was waiting for the Masters! And finally the Kruger Brothers showed up.

We were listening almost without breathing, so beautiful the music was. Toward the end Jens switched to a Prucha banjo and played the last encore on it.

Who of you doesn’t know them yet, don’t miss their performance, when they are somewhere around your town. They are really awesome!

Lilly and the Krugers backstage