Sunday, 30 May 2010

The bass banjo makes a comeback!

Thanks to Alan Hatswell, luthier and founder of Bassix (UK) for this news, with an offer to EBMA members:

I just thought that this might be of interest to your members. Anyone who enquires from your association, and quotes that they are members, will be eligible for a 20% discount until end of July 2010.

The bass banjo makes a comeback!

Similar instruments (last produced commercially in the 1930s) played an important part in the acoustic music scene. Since the interest in acoustic instruments has increased in recent times, the creation of a hybrid combining an acoustic double-bass-style neck with an oversize banjo-type resonant drum has been recognised. The resulting instrument produces higher volume than a standard upright bass, with prominent undertones akin to a mellow vintage double bass. The sound projection is also increased and a clear tone is evident across the whole frequency range.

The double-bass banjo is aimed mainly at the bluegrass/folk and trad jazz players and is played like an acoustic upright. It uses standard double-bass strings and has a double-bass-style fingerboard (3/4 scale). Lighter than most acoustic basses and able to be packed down for airline use, this really is a viable way to travel with an acoustic upright.

The bass banjo production has now started and they are available direct from the makers by mail order or personal collection, with stockists to be appointed countrywide in the near future. Applications for dealers/ stockists in all areas are now invited and will be dealt with on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Prices from £995 RRP (acoustic); from £1195 RRP (electro-acoustic)
A demo instrument will usually be available for trial by appointment; just call or e-mail.

Alan Hatswell t/a Bassix
Whitstable, Kent, UK
Bassix website
Bass banjo website
tel. (+44)(0) 1227 791640
(+44)(0) 7703 649531