Saturday, 22 May 2010

8th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival - again a huge success

The Friday night finale: Uncle Earl and 4 Wheel Drive (photo: Klaus Zimmermann)

Thanks to Walter Fuchs, who reports on this year's Bühl International Bluegrass Festival (14-15 May):

Over 1000 visitors from all over Europe came to Bühl to attend the two-day event with six acts - Uncle Earl (USA), James Talley (USA), the Midnight Ramblers (USA), 4 Wheel Drive (NL), the G2 Bluegrass Band (S), and the Sons of Navarone (B). Each band was celebrated by the audience with standing ovations, and never before was this event covered by the press with such enthusiasm.

Headlines even on front pages read 'Bluegrass Virus Is Spreading', 'Not Without Encores Back To The Dressing-Room', 'Music From The Southern States Of The US Is Winner', 'Bühl, Europe’s Bluegrass Capital', 'Strong 4 Wheel Drive And Fresh Old-Time Sounds'.

After a big finale with all bands on stage, all officials were satisfied: Mayor Hans Striebel wants to extend the festival up to three days, chief of cultural administration Wolfgang Jokerst promised to push the event next year even more, and event producer Walter Fuchs was just happy as can be and rushed back to his office promising another great festival on 13-14 May 2011.

Press reports and many more photos can be seen on the festival website; nearly 200 photos by Werner Friedli are here; and seven from Jan Michielsen of 4 Wheel Drive are here.