Sunday, 30 May 2010

2010: The Year of Guitar Legend Books!!

Planets in our musical universe must be aligning in favor of guitarists in 2010? No fewer than three (3) highly praised, quality publications have been released this year. All have proven to be extensively researched and well-written works on the life stories of American legends and innovators in guitar playing: Clarence White (The Essential Clarence White), Tony Rice (Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story), and as recently as last week, Doc Watson (Blind But Now I See: The Biography Of Music Legend Doc Watson).

"Bluegrass Europe" magazine published an article & review several months ago on the amazing Clarence White book & CD-Rom package (biography, guitar tab and extensive technical text on Clarence's techniques, etc).

Watch for a review of the Tony Rice book "Still Inside" on this blog next week. I will tell you that it is perhaps the most personal and uncensored version of a contemporary music legend I have ever seen in print, and all done with Tony's able assistance and his matter how painful it may have been. This book uses Tony's own words, as well as quotes and stories from his peers, fans, friends and family. The authors (accomplished guitarist& educator Tim Stafford and journalist/lifetime bluegrass fan Caroline Wright) applied some very innovative ideas in constructing the chapters in this publication. Caroline also included a "road diary" she kept while traveling with Tony over an extended period of time. A very impressive work from beginning to end.

I expect to review the Doc Watson biography in the coming weeks. "Blind But Now I See" was just released this past week. From all accounts thus far, this book is also a well-written and honest account of the life of one of the most influential American guitar legends in history. An extensive work, resulting in an in-depth look into a man with an extremely long and heralded career very few have ever experienced.