Monday, 12 April 2010

Tom Nechville in Europe, autumn 2010

Banjo guru Tom Nechville sends this message to his friends in Europe:

Greetings Friends!

I'm hoping that we can get together sometime this August or September, when I will be travelling to your part of the banjo universe...

I plan to drive from Frankfurt to the Netherlands and Belgium (19-21 Aug.), then continue south and east across France to Switzerland (22-25 Aug.), and then up to Strasbourg for a visit with my in-laws. From 28 to 31 Aug. I'm hoping to jam with friends around Milan, Italy, before heading to Didmarton Festival in England (the first weekend in September). I will also be at Cornwall Bluegrass Fest, 16-18 September. Although my plans haven't been finalised yet, I may be exploring a bit of Scotland or Scandinavia between these two UK festivals. Let me know if you have any ideas for banjo workshops, demonstrations, jams, store visits, wine tastings, or whatever you might suggest.

Let's stay in touch so we can hopefully connect with each other this summer!

Tom Nechville
Feel free to call if I don't reply promptly:
Office +1 952-888-9710
Cell +1 612-275-6602

Tom's website also includes details of armrests, bridges, and other goodies including the Turbo Module Electric Banjo insert.