Friday, 2 April 2010

Stefano Santangelo & Andy Glandt tour, 9-18 Apr. 2010

A tour in Germany by Andy Glandt (D) and Stefano Santangelo (I) will begin a week from now.

They have a lot in common: both have been making music since the '70s. Both perform solo or with bands. Both have experiences with organising festivals; both of them have been touring Europe and the US. Both like to entertain the audience with their music and routines, and both have been talking again and again about doing a tour together.

And now it's the time: in spring of 2010 Stefano from Padua (Padova) in northern Italy and Andy from the Jena, Thüringen region of Germany, are going on a tour together. The audience is to expect a mix of Italian folk music with a touch of jazz; other styles from Australia, Italy, Germany, America, Mexico, and other places will be connected. Fast instrumental solos will follow ballads and the audience will be required to join in from time to time...

Don't miss! Full details of the tour schedule are here.