Sunday, 11 April 2010

Mandolin news from Spain: update

Photo: Lilian Guzman

Roberto Ruiz Cubero from Spain reports that he and his brother, as the mandolin-and-guitar duo of Spanish music Los Hermanos Cubero (The Cubero Brothers), have won the Premio Europeo Nueva Creación de Folklore Agapito Marazuela award, which recognises innovation in the field of traditional music.

The tunes with which they won the award were two covers from Spanish music legend Agapito Marazuela and their own original tune 'Jota para Bill Monroe' ('Jota for Bill Monroe'), a 50/50 mix between bluegrass and Spanish folk. A Jota is a Spanish rhythm dance in 6/8.

You can hear the tunes on MySpace; for more information about the award, a Spanish newspaper report can be read here. The tunes are also available from the Cubero Brothers in mp3 format.

Update 12 April:
See also today's Bluegrass Blog, where a one-minute clip of the 'Jota para Bill Monroe' can be heard.