Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The 'Keith Unit' in Paris, 1984

Thanks to Thierry Lecoq of Blue Railroad Train (F) for this colour photo of the 'Keith Unit' (USA) in Montmartre, Paris, during a tour of France in the summer of 1984. From left to right: Tony Rice (guitar), Bill Amatneek (bass), Bill Keith (banjo), David Grisman (mandolin), Darol Anger (fiddle).

A monochrome reproduction of this photo appeared in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine, xxxii, no. 6 (December 1997), illustrating 'Paris remembers', an article by Bill Amatneek about his memories of the trip. The 'Keith Unit' were in France while the fortieth anniversary of the 1944 liberation was being celebrated; and the article tells how the Americans, in search of tortoiseshell picks, were received by one Parisian music-shop owner. Look it up!