Monday, 5 April 2010

Brand new European bluegrass radio show on

Ernie Evans (guitar player in Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike) along with his wife Debi have started a new radio show on called "The Evans' Midnight Round-up/Good Morning, Europe!" They want to focus on European bluegrass and are trying to get more pickers to stop by the chat room. The show airs from midnight to 2 am on Wednesday morning United States Eastern Standard Time. Most in Europe will be getting ready for work at that time, won't we? If there's any way you could stop by the chatroom to talk to folks during their show, it would be great publicity for us and their show! Just let Ernie know ahead of time when you'll be able to log on and he'll get the word out all over the internet so people know to watch for you.

Ernie & Debi's e-mail address for more information.
Facebook: Ernie & Debi's radio page.