Friday, 16 April 2010

Bluegrass im Elsass

Thanks to Serge Rieger for news of the bluegrass band which he leads in Alsace (Elsass). The personnel includes Joel Espesset (mandolin) from Kehl, Heiner Raulff (banjo, dobro), also from Kehl, Théo Sauer (dobro, banjo) from Lampersloch, Serge's son Virgil (bass, vocals), and Serge himself (guitar, vocals). Two tracks recorded by the band can be heard on their website. Contact Serge by e-mail.

The band knows the German bluegrass world well through the Bühl bluegrass festival, the musicians from Night Run and Blue Side of Town, and the Treffen (meetings) in Lindelbrunn (run by Hese Schröder) and in Freiolsheim (by Jürgen Krämer). The band's concerts take place close to the German border. Serge writes:

In 2010 we will organise for the second time a meeting in Kutzenhausen (Alsace). Last year there were about ten musicians and there was heavy jamming, for a very interested audience and an excellent Flammenkuchen [an Alsatian speciality]!

This year the Kutzenhausen meeting is on 1 August. The band's schedule at present is as follows:

24 Apr. Foyer St Louis, Robertsau, Strasbourg
25 Apr. à Schwabwiller (14:00-17:00), moulin
15 May Plan d'eau de Reischshoffen
16 May Ecurie du lac, Retschwiller
21 May Pauses musicales de Haguenau
22 May A la lueur des notes, Kutzenhausen
21 June Fête de la musique EPAHD, Haguenau
4 July Jardin d'Irma Betschdorf
23/25 July Jardin musical Haguenau
1 Aug. Bluegrass in Kutzenhausen